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Asset Locator™

Our asset management solutions has been designed specifically for Biomedical Industry, Navy, Government agencies. The products are classified as follows:

Comparitive Analysis Of Different Versions
Benefits Of the Asset Locator™ System

It provides following versions of vehicle tracking, field force tracking and consignment tracking. This can find applications in sales force automation, logistics industry and mobile asset management.

Currently available versions include:
1. Mobile Version

Mobile Version is used for a person tracking where another person is having a Mobile phone which gives the information about a cell id through which the location of each person can be identified.

2. Online GPS Version

The online version is a GPS based tracking system which is capable to send the location details to a centralized location, to facilitate online tracking of goods, vehicles or persons in transit.

3. Offline GPS Version

The offline version is a GPS based tracking system which stores the location details in the device itself for future analysis.

4. Fixed Terminal Version

Fixed Terminal Version is also used for vehicle tracking which takes the same route each day. In the Tower version, data is collected from the terminal fitted at specific locations, where the driver punches the smart card/RFID card/using bluetooth device giveing the timestamp and location information.

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