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B. A. M ™ - Bio-medical Asset Management

B.A.M. is our Enterprise Level asset management solutions that has been designed specifically for the Bio-Medical Industry. The products was designed and configured to be used by a medical lab, pharmaceutical company, clinic or hospital.

B.A.M is an asset management solution designed to help a company manage their IT, medical devices and other clinical assets. The system is designed to provide calibration, maintenance, servicing and help-desk call tracking related to the individual assets in a single integrated system.

Calibration and servicing requirements can be planned and scheduled through the system. Calibration procedures, Maintenance Procedures and Service Contracts can be stored and in the system for reference by techincians or management personnel as needed. Technicians can access Calibration and Service requirements and record the results for each asset when performed. Furthermore, Calibration and Service intervals can be tracked by the system and initiate an automated Work or Service Order through the system to the appropriate technician or service company.

Management reporting can provide valuable insights into inventory management, asset utilization, service contract utilization, and software license compliance/exposure. The system can be configured to your company to manage Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) and provide any custom reporting required.

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